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September 2, 2019 by Fazil

Ok, I get the concept. But, how much will I save compared to a stand-alone storage facility or how much can I expect to make?

A typical storage space booked through StashHere with one of our Hosts is (on average) 50% of the price of traditional self storage, even with their “1st month free” politics. Some of our listings start as low as 10$! Hosts have the power to set their own prices for listings, but you can be sure that, at the end of the day, when everyone’s happy, you will save, on average, about 50% of the price you would pay in a stand-alone traditional self storage space. StashHere encourages hosts to offer a competitive low price, based on the idea that the empty room they had in the garage was just wasted space anyway! Note that, in addition to the Host’s asking price, StashHere requires of them a 15% service fee that allows us to provide the best customer experience and to ensure this community and platform stays secure.

Where can I find storage through StashHere?

For now, StashHere is a bit here, a bit there… Soon enough though, you will be able to find StashHere literally everywhere! Not being limited to any city or country, we’re at our baby stage now, yet more and more Hosts and Stashers are joining every day from across Canada. If there aren’t storage listings in your area, you can help this community grow by 1) signing up and 2) sharing it with friends and family!

How about the payments?

We believe in a simple and safe method of payments at StashHere. So, we made payments easy and automatic! Before you book or reserve your brand-new storage space, all you have to do is fill out your payment information on our secure website. After the Host has seen and approved your storage reservation, your credit card will be charged automatically for the first storage month.

Your card will be charged again on the same day your rental began, every month until you choose to cancel your reservation directly on this site.

What are some of the items that are not allowed in storage?

It is the responsibility of the stasher to ensure that the items you put in storage will not cause any harm to the space of or to the Host. Some prohibited items include, without being limited to, firearms, drugs, medicine, toxins, toxic materials, explosives, hazardous or flammable materials, pesticides, waste, ammunition, controlled substances, stolen goods, and perishable food items.

When a stasher secures his storage space, he is required to disclose the items that he will be storing. Not being honest about the items you store can result in resignation of the contract. StashHere confers the right to restrict other items to the Host, items they prefer not to store in their storage space. For any additional concerns on restricted items, please see StashHere’s Terms of Service.

What about if I want to check on my things?

This will be in bold and in details directly in the common agreement between you and your new-found Host. Things like: “How often you have access” or “Hours that you may come and go” are unique to every listing. Some listings include a 24/7 come-and-go policy while some are upon request only.

Note that StashHere also expects both Hosts and Stashers to be considerate and flexible as they discuss these issues before and during the rental.

What about my insurances? What is covered. What’s not?

Well, we can’t answer any questions about your new-found Host’s personal insurances. BUT… We can happily inform you that StashHere provides an optional, yet full coverage Depending on the items’ value or the amount of coverage you choose, it costs roughly $10 per month. If you are interested in purchasing insurance, please contact StashHere. Stashers can also contact their current homeowners insurance policy holder to check if possessions stored off premises are covered.

How can I trust someone I don’t know with my stuff?

At StashHere, we take great pride in creating a community and a place where people can connect and help each other out! We really believe this world needs more sharing. But, even if sharing is caring, we will make sure things stay civilized, safe and completely secure. How do we accomplish all do that? Simple! We require all Hosts and Stashers to verify their identity by providing a valid email, a valid phone number, and a proper ID.

Both stashers and Hosts are also encouraged to add a profile picture and a short bio. They can also both request a background check. You’ll soon recognize high-quality hosts or spaces by checking out their ratings and reviews, just like on any other such sites. This also prompts Hosts to provide an all-over top-notch storage experience for stashers.

Am I allowed to live or work inside a StashHere listing?

NO! Storage or space listings on StashHere are only meant for storage rental and are not intended for any other purposes. Looking for a photo space or the perfect art studio? Please refer to the Host for more specific questions on how you may use the available space.

Can a Host cancel my reservation early?

Yes, they can, but understand that it’s far from being the host’s best interest to do just that. We require that Hosts provide a 4-weeks notice if they would like to recuperate their storage space. If they fail to do so, StashHere will charge them a fee of $60 and this will be divided between the Stasher and StashHere. However, if this situation arises, StashHere encourages both parties to use their common sense and resolve the matter amicably.

What about StashHere’s refund policy?

You have up to 1 week before your reservation begins to cancel it and receive a full refund. All Stashers who cancel within 1 week of their reservation start date will be returned 80% of the listing monthly cost (not including StashHere’s Service Fee). Stashers that cancel a reservation after a rental period starts will receive no refund.